Heyyy everyone!
My name is simran, but everyone calls me simmy and this is my blog (obviously 🙄) so thank you so much for visiting my page, it really means a lot 😚. I am just a normal 16-year-old who hates school and uses reading as a form of escapism lolll. I am from India but live in Dubai.

On this blog, I am probably just gonna post about books, travel, fashion, food, and anything else I think of lol.

So just gonna explain why I started this blog and its because of my bestie who inspired me and told me it was a really good way to share my opinions. So thanks bae I love you <3.

Thank you for reading,
simmy xoxo

About Me

hi everyone my name is simran, but you can call me simmy 🙂 I’m just your normal sixteen year old who loves reading, travel, fashion and food. read my blog to see my perspectives on things, I hope you like it 😚😚

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Now some pictures 🙂

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